Jun. 21st, 2012 12:43 am
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It's about time to get started on this Dreamwidth thing, my cousin has been buggin.

Well I need a quick vent, had an exhausting few days.

My grandmother is in the hospital. She had a surgery, gastric bypass, over thirty years ago and where the connection was made her intestines have closed up so they have to go in and reverse the bypass. The way that she had toe bypass done is not the way they do them now, they were very unsafe and the doctor was surprised that her and her two sister's that also had the surgery around the same time were still alive. He said most people that had the procedure around that time have passed away from complications.

So ya, that's scary.

She went into the hospital Thursday night and we were told her reverse surgery would be Monday morning. Well it's 7:15pm Wednesday night and we JUST now got the phone call that they have started the procedure. We were first told Monday morning. Then Tuesday evening. Then Tuesday night. Then 8am this morning. Then 3pm. And here it is 7:19pm and they are JUST starting. This means my G-maw has not had ANYTHING to eat since Thursday morning. WTF. I know she is getting fluids through IV so she is safe, but she is still starving! UGH.

And, they won't tell us anything. Getting information from them is like an act of congress.

This waiting is driving me nuts. Nuts I tell you!!

Also had 'Friend going after my woman' drama that spilled over from last night but that's a shitpile that I just don't feel like stepping in again.

Just know that I am not starting this blog out on my best day so bear with me.


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